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For over two decades, DFW Crating / Freight Crafters, Inc. has been setting a standard for the crating and packaging industry. During its recent expansion efforts, the company renewed its commitment to in-house foam-conversion services. Naturally, DFW Crating / Freight Crafters, Inc turned to SmartFoam Machinery – the undisputed leader in the foam automation industry. SmartFoam specializes in automating the industry known for its historically high manual labor demands. SmartFoam was able to provide a full range of solutions! As a result, DFW Crating and Packaging recently added the Smart Press and Cutting Table to improve efficiency, enhance quality, and reduce waste.

Visit our website at https://smartfoammachinery.com/ or reach out to us at contact@smartfoammachinery.com. To learn more about DFW Crating’s capabilities, visit their website at https://dfwcrating.com/

Video of Smart Press

Video of Cutting Table