What is the lead time to get a Smart Machine?

Currently SmartFoam is experiencing a 90-120-day lead time with most machines falling in about 100 days. This longer than normal lead time is a result in the delay in global logistics and the impact of Covid on labor forces. 

What if my facility’s power does not match to the machines power configuration?

This is not a problem.  Communicate what your existing power availability is and SmartFoam can configure our machine’s electricity to match your facility.

What happens after I order your machines?

Once we receive your deposit and purchase order, SmartFoam will process your order and begin getting your machines ready to ship out.  Once the machines are ready, we will send out the second invoice and begin scheduling with the freight company to have your machines delivered.  A SmartFoam Machinery engineer will send instructions for: unloading the machines, prepare the electricity drops/compress air drops, wire connection instructions, layout drawing and other necessary information.  This is a great time for the customer to prepare the unloading and electricity/compress air drops per requirements.  Once machines are close to the destination port, SmartFoam Machinery  will connect our freight forward company to you, and they will schedule the delivery appointment.

What should I expect when the machines arrive to my facility?

Once your machines arrive,  you will need to unload your machines form the shipping container, uncrate them and place them on your production floor.  Your electrician will then need to connect power to the machine (Note: the machines should not be turned on!)  SmartFoam will schedule an engineer to travel to your facility.  On the first scheduled day, our engineer will meet with your top management and production team to provide a top-down approach to managing the automation machinery.  Next , they will set up, test, train and provide consulting service to your business.  Lastly, SmartFoam will send out a customer’s satisfaction survey and send the final invoice once the machines have been installed and training is complete.

Who can I call if I need support?

Our engineers are available to take your call 24/7.  Sometimes we can help you over the phone and sometimes we will do a video chat with you.  Either way our goal is to get you up and running when you need us.

How quickly can I get replacement parts?

Fortunately, we keep many of the spare parts at our Indianapolis Showroom.  This way we can get you parts in days not weeks.  Our plan is to have you up and running as soon as possible.

What safety measures can I expect from your machines?

Safety is especially important to SmartFoam.  Not only are we building our machines with high quality parts and components, but we also added interlocks to all doors, light curtains to open areas and safety cages when exposure to moving parts is high.

Is training provided on how to operate your machines?

Training our customers on how to use our machines is a key differentiator from our competition.  For nearly all our machines, we provide a full day’s training to our customers teams on how to use set up, run, and care for our machines.  We also test your materials on these new machines and will not leave until you are comfortable.

Do I have to pay freight and inland shipping after I purchase your machines?

Unless you ask for a specific shipping term, the quoted price we provide you includes door to door delivery, tariffs, customs charges, onsite set up ( electrical connections not included) and onsite training.  We make it easy to purchase from SmartFoam and provide you with the service you deserve.

What are your payment terms?
  1. 40% Deposit due  at time of order with your PO # 
  2. 50% Payment due when your machine is completed and is ready to be loaded & shipped to you.  
  3. 10% Balance due once we set up your machine and you are happy with it.  

Our Address

2040 S Lynhurst Dr Suite D
Indianapolis, IN 46241