IPS Packaging (TJ, Mexico), an innovative customized foam fabrication solutions provider for many years, recently adopted a fully automatic SmartFoam system that incorporates:
Smart Press (Easily die cut 500 cycles in one hour with 30 seconds tooling change out) and Smart Hotplate (Heat seal over 2,000 foam end caps per hour with 10 seconds parts changeover).
With their new fully automatic process… IPS has increased their production capacity, improve product quality, reduced lead time from 2 weeks to 3 days, exceeded their customers’ requirements and grew their business!
All SmartFoam Machines offer easy change out and flexibility to work with high mix/low volume projects.

Visit our website at https://smartfoammachinery.com/ or reach out to us at contact@smartfoammachinery.com. To learn more about IPS’s capabilities, visit their website at https://ipspackage.com/