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Mega Gluer

This automated gluing machine is designed to be easy to set up, run and provide high quality bonding.  The working surface is 80” W X 51” L and can handle foam up to 8 inches tall. This machine has four laminating configurations.  1.  Foam to Glue to Stock  2.  Build multiple heights (tall and short) of foam to stock  3.  Build up multiple layers of foam (cases & end caps)  4.  Build up multiple layers of foam and apply to stock.  It works with all kinds of foam including PE, PP, PO, EPS, and XLPE, EVA and can glue foam to foam, foam to corrugated, foam to release paper or foam to wood.

Max. material size (1)mm
1200 x 800 x 200
47 x 30 x 8
2000 x 1300 x 200
80 x 51 x 8
Overall dimensions
w/ working station
5020 x 1770 x 2540
198 x 70 x 100
7560 x 2670 x 2827
298 x 105 x 111
Glue tank capacitykg
Glue typeEVA/PSA Hot-meltEVA/PSA Hot-melt
Glue melting temperature250 - 275 F250 - 275 F
Heat up time (2)25 minutes35 minutes
Machine cycle time (3)20 seconds20 seconds
Compressed air requirement90 - 100 psi90 - 100 psi
Electrical requirements (4)480V, 3PH, 5Wires
AWG6, 50/60HZ
480V, 3PH, 5Wires
AWG2, 50/60HZ
Electrical power capacity24KW59KW
Operator safetyWorkstation light curtains, Door interlocks, Safety guards, Motor overload protection
(1) Max. cushion or product machine can produce, this is also material dependent. Measured with 1.7 PCF extruded PE cushion.
(2) Measured based on setting temperature 130 ̊C
(3) material and tool size dependent. Measured with 2" thick. 1.7 PCF extruded PE, the time doesn't include loading or set up time.
(4) This is the standard electricity configuration, can be customized for your machine.

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