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For over 60 years, Morrisette Packaging has been building a name in the packaging industry by providing innovative packaging solutions. With locations in North and South Carolina, Morrisette offers a wide variety of protective packaging solutions. Recently, they added the Smart Skiver X to their production. The Smart Skiver X is designed to automatically skive or split foam rolls and planks. Morrisette utilizes the built-in grinder to provide a continuously sharp blade that can skive planks from 59’ wide and 6” thick. Ideal for PE, XLPE, EPP/EPE foam with a tolerance of 1/16” (1mm).

Visit our website at https://smartfoammachinery.com/ or reach out to us at contact@smartfoammachinery.com. To learn more about Morrisette’s capabilities, visit their website at https://morrisette.com/