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Mycasebuider is is a family owned business with over 30 years’ experience providing custom foam and case solutions for every need imaginable. Whether you need a case, foam, custom foam insert, or a case with precut foam, MyCaseBuilder.com is your one-stop shop. Based in the USA, MyCaseBuilder also has manufacturing plants in Japan MyCaseBuilder.jp​, Europe ​MyCaseBuilder.eu​, and Australia/New Zealand MyCaseBuilder.co.nz​.

They recently adopted a Smart Press from SmartFoam, and it became a ‘beast’ for they.

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Quote from Customer’s linkedin post.
With 20 tons of custom foam cutting precision, efficiency, and speed, this machine is a game-changer.
This powerhouse will ensure that our high-volume projects run smoothly, delivering like an Olympian with 500 cuts per hour. Its extreme precision and tight tolerances allow for almost any die size and nearly any type of PE or PU foam.
It prioritizes safety and operates at low noise levels, equipped with an auto feeder and a 55″ wide conveyor belt for seamless operation.
A big thank you to the SmartFoam Machinery team for their expert installation.
We wasted no time in putting it to work, and it’s performing like a champ!