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ProtecPac is the culmination of decades of experience in delivering the highest industry standards in packaging solutions. New challenges in the packaging industry call for Smart solutions. With locations in CA, AZ, CO, OH and Mexico, ProtecPac is prepared to adapt to the changing landscape of packaging.

Recently, they added the Smart Hotplate DMX to their solutions. The DMX is a double-sided dual workstation heating plate with two workstations measuring 48” W X 30” L. The DMX is equipped to help you assemble in less time, with the capability to store up to 50 recipes per mode. Designed to work with PE, EPE, PP, XLPE, and EVA.

To understand how the Smart Hotplate DMX can improve production speed, quality and reliability,

Visit our website at https://smartfoammachinery.com/ or reach out to us at contact@smartfoammachinery.com. To learn more about Orlando’s capabilities, visit their website at https://protecpac.com/