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Smart Heat Gun

 Ideal for high temperature situations like XLPE, EPE and PE foams. The programmable and automatic Smart HeatGun is also ideal when you need to laminate thin layers of foam. The Smart HeatGun heats and bonds the foam simultaneously while the top layer moves towards the base layer.  This machine has a working footprint of 47”W X 25”L X 4” T.   

Max. material size (1)mm
1200 x 700 x 120
47 x 27 x 5
Overall dimensionsmm
2900 x 1600 x 2080
114 x 63 x 82
Max. total layers5
Machine cycle time (2)12 seconds
Compressed air requirement80 - 100 psi
Electrical requirements (3)480V, 3PH, 5Wires
AWG6, 50/60HZ
Electrical power capacity22KW
(1) Max. cushion or product machine can work with, his is also material dependent.
Measured with 1.7 PCF extruded PE cushion
(2) Measured with 2 layers lamination.
(3) This is the standard electricity configuration, can be customized to your machine.

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