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Smart Hotplate DMX

The DMX is a double-sided dual workstation heating plate with two workstations measuring 48” W X 30” L. The DMX also has three work functions to help you assemble in less time. The DMX is an improved heavy-duty machine with the capability to store up to 50 recipes per mode. Powered with a Siemens touch screen, PLC, motors, and drivers; this machine is designed to work with PE, EPE, PP, XLPE, and EVA.

Max. material size (1)mm
1200 x 800 x 330
48 x 30 x 13
1250 x 1250 x 380
50 x 50 x 15
Overall dimensions
w/ working station
4290 x 1440 x 2870
169 x 57 x 113
6750 x 1720 x 2970
266 x 68 x 117
No. of working station22
Machine cycle time (2)9 seconds10 seconds
Compressed air requirement90 -100 psi
Electrical requirements (3)480V, 3PH, 5Wires
AWG6, 50/60HZ
480V, 3PH, 5Wires
AWG2, 50/60HZ
Electrical power capacity35KW66KW
Operator safetyWorkstation light curtains, Door interlocks, Safety guards, Motor overload protection
(1) (2) Max. cutting width and depth are max. dimension of die board
(3) material and tool size dependent. Measured with 2" thick. 1.7 PCF extruded PE, the time doesn't include loading or set up time.
(4) This is the standard electricity configuration, can be customized for your machine.

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