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Smart Machines

Build Faster…Less Labor…Higher Quality


SFM offers machinery that automates the cutiting process. Our machines skive or split foam, provide acurate cuts, die cut shapes, low volume/high mix and large volume applications. Reduce labor costs with machine automations.


SFM offer machinery that automates the lamination process. Our machines provide full surface coverage for gluing, U&L shapes,
hot plate and heat gun applications, while enhancing safety and reducing labor costs.


SFM produces specialty machinery in response to industry requirements. Our specialty equipment automates the process of stripping foam and other material. Our Smart Winder automatically winds and cuts extruded foam.


SFM produces specialty machinery that supports the idea of recycle and reuse. Our sustainable brands convert scrap PE foam into pellets that can be recycled and reused at the extruder level. Reduce landfill usage and disposal costs.

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