For Immediate Release 6-1-21
SmartFoam Machinery

SmartFoam Machinery Moves to Larger Showroom

SmartFoam’s Growth Proves the Need for Automation is Great

Indianapolis, IN:  Today, SmartFoam Machinery, a manufacturer of automated foam machinery, announced that they have moved to a larger showroom.  The demand from their customers to see additional machines continued to grow and lead the company to find a 5,300 sq ft facility to demo their machines.

According to SmartFoam Machinery President Michael Cheng, the need to have a larger facility gives us the ability shows off our most popular machines and demonstrate how each machine plays an important role in developing productivity and efficiency.

The showroom will be interactive. Clients will be welcome to schedule a visit with their teams, run sample product through each of the processes and get a hands-on experience of the true capabilities of the Smart Foam Machinery family of products.

The following are on site right now…
1. Smart Hotplate DM
2. Smart Cutter
3. Smart Heating Plate
4. Smart U/L Profile
5. Smart Stripping
6. Smart Slotter
7. Smart Gluer
8. Smart Press
9. Manual 2 Station Press
10. Smart Skiver
11. Smart Jointer

By  End of July, we will add:
12. Smart Hotplate DMX
13. Smart Heat Gun

Other machines in process and targeted to be in operation through September 2021:
14. Smart Cutter CX
15. Smart Recycle (Densifier)
16. Smart Blade Bending
17. Smart Laser cutting
18. Smart Bonding
19. Smart Cutting Table
20. Smart Bandsaw
21. Smart Robot (for PU foam)

For Additional information contact SmartFoam Machinery at 317-220-8468.