“Last year, right before the start of the pandemic, I ordered a Smart Laminator from Smart Foam Machinery. It arrived right in the middle of the shutdown. Michael and his team came through with a remote installation and training. Even though it was difficult, they were able to find a way to get the machine up and running.

The machine is fantastic and when we have questions, we always get a quick response with great information.

I would highly recommend the machine itself and Michael and his team.”

Steve Holland, MyCaseBuilder

“…these machines are great, saves a lot of time and money.  Also, with pre-made jigs for the machine, it makes user error obsolete.  The smart cutter also saves us a lot of time on cutting sheets for our die cutter and just doing straight cuts. Customer service is always a must and you guys exceed that.  Foam fabricators need to look at these and realize how much this can improve production.”

Dave Surkamp, Surco Inc.

  • “Hello Michael. We are very satisfied with equipment and SFM service. Thanks for all support!”

    Paper-based Packaging, International
  • “…machine is working well. Thanks again! The set up was simple and your guys did well.”

    Foam Fabricator, Texas
  • “Very nice machine and we have just begun to figure out efficient ways to use it. Definitely faster than our current method of heat sealing.”

    Custom Protective Packaging Provider, Illinois
  • “I would rather buy through you (as long as it’s not too much more expensive) as you have been very responsive.”

    Custom Case Insert Fabricator, New Jersey
  • “I appreciate you guys making all kinds of cool machines.”

    Foam Plastics Solutions Provider, North Carolina
  • “…we love the machines and Jose has been fantastic! Thank you.”

    Foam Fabrication and Plastic Components Supplier, Indiana

“We are pleased with the capability and performance of the equipment and the service you have provided…The responsiveness and availability of technical assistance has been very good!

Packaging Solutions Provider, Maryland

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