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Worldwide Foam was founded with a relentless focus on providing  XLPE customers with the product they need, when they need it.   Short lead times on buns and sheets as well as the widest range of sizes and densities available.  Worldwide Foam ensures that our customers never have to worry about having the product they need.  Since 2008 we have expanded to seven locations as well as other product lines to include XLPE rolls, extruded PE and Elastomeric materials.  We are constantly expanding our servicing capabilities to supply you the best options for your press ready goods.

They recently adopted Smart Bonder – Planks and Smart Bonder – Roll system from us, and they have been enjoying those so much.

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We have seen the increasing demand for precision tool control/shadow board applications.

To support the growing inquiries, we added a more advanced hot air laminator to our Elkhart facility last year.

The hot air laminator melts the foam surface using hot air blades, turning it into a tacky substance that acts as an adhesive and creates a permanent bond. The computer-controlled rollers allow us to achieve better edge alignment and more consistent bond, which directly translates to more usable materials.

Beyond tool control, this advanced laminating process is well-suited for any composite/laminated sheet project. We are also expanding our material options, adding more densities and colors to ensure we have the right materials for your needs.

Benefits that translate to your bottom line:

  • Increased efficiency by receiving composite sheets from us.

  • Better edge alignment to reduce waste and increase material yield.

  • Consistent bond to improve quality in every sheet.

  • Wide variety of density and color combo to enhance flexibility

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Nearly Perfect Lamination

We have recently added a new and more advanced heat laminator to our Indiana facility. This new laminator is designed to heat bond a variety of foams planks including lower density PE.

By feeding foam planks through a hot air blade, the heat melts the surface of the foam, turning it into a tacky substance that essentially acts as an adhesive and creates a permanent bond. The computer-controlled rollers achieve better edge alignment, which translates to quicker uptimes and more usable materials. This new system accommodates PE planks up to 50” wide, and 6” thick, at a maximum rate of 16” per second.

In addition to our Indiana facilities, you can also order laminated composite materials from our California and Silao, Mexico facilities, and pressure sensitive adhesive application is available across all our 5 locations in North America.

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